Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics
Potsdam uses

The Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (previously known as Astrophysical Institute Potsdam, hence the abbreviation AIP) is a research institution of the renowned Leibniz Association and is dedicated to research on astrophysical fundamentals from solar and stellar physics to the formation of stars and galaxies to cosmology.

The AIP is involved in major products in the public eye, such as the Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona, the largest single telescope in the world. In addition, it also operates many other telescopes and observatories, e.g. the Einstein Tower and the binocular telescope ‘Great Refractor' in Potsdam or the GREGOR telescope on the Teide on Tenerife.


After searching for a bit, we found AnyDesk with its in-house-solution, offering exactly what we were looking for.

A number of different providers were compared during the evaluation of a suitable solution. Data security was the key point for Dionies. Almost all other software providers use external servers, but for Dionies that was out of the question. From the very beginning, his demand was to implement the entire infrastructure within the internal network to ensure the greatest possible security for the research institutes data.

"I have no way of verifying to what extent software providers can access our data streams", Dionies explained. "After searching for a bit, we found AnyDesk with its in-house-solution, offering exactly what we were looking for." Ever since then, support technicians at the Leibniz Institute use AnyDesk Enterprise at four workstations at the same time to set up and maintain hundreds of the institutes computers, servers, switches, ports and much more. Sometimes people are still happy when someone from the support staff shows up in person,because face-to-face contact is important for a pleasant working atmosphere. But for most purposes, it's perfectly sufficient to remotely control the network devices from the IT centre using AnyDesk.

Mario Dionies is very satisfied with the autonomous software solution offered by AnyDesk Enterprise. "Currently, we use AnyDesk everywhere on our campus in Potsdam-Babelsberg. But we also plan to expand it so our colleagues can use it when they're out of the office and want to work from somewhere else."

No problem with a notebook and AnyDesk. And since recently, there is even also a mobile version of AnyDesk for iOS and Android, allowing remote maintenance and remote control via tablets or smartphones. Perfect for on the go. Mario Dionies is intrigued by this new location-independence, especially with regard to future use at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam.

Since 2016, the AIP has been using AnyDesk Enterprise for remote maintenance of the institutes computers. "AnyDesk is unreservedly used throughout our network for the support of our devices", said Mario Dionies, the IT security officer at the institute. "Before we started using AnyDesk, user support was a very time-consuming task, a process we wanted to speed up and simplify using remote software."