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AnyDesk Has Been Downloaded 200 Million Times

It’s been a year since we proudly announced that AnyDesk has been downloaded over 100 Million times. Who would have thought that 12 months later we would announce that we already doubled that amount of downloads?

This simply confirms that people are looking for innovative technology, and that our proprietary video codec DeskRT is truly valued. We’re on the right track with our philosophy.

Our software is here for you – our users. We want to make your life more convenient and mobile without having to sacrifice quality or performance. That’s why we listen to your feedback and constantly implement the features you ask for while maintaining AnyDesk as a light and easy to use software.

Since we hit 100 Million downloads in May 2019, a lot has happened. Back then, Team AnyDesk consisted of 46 employees. At the end of May, that number is expected to hit 82! That’s a total increase of 78% in just one year.

With our ever-increasing team we went to many events like the B2Run last summer, where we grew closer as a team. And then, in March, we had our momentous move to our new and bigger office.

We also had the pleasure of working with our first Global Player HTC, and have made significant progress on our software because of it.

It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t have reached these milestones without you, so thank you for sticking with us!

Where do we go from here? We will keep improving, and keep working on ways to be even better. So, to be exact, nothing will change. And if it does, then only for the better.

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