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AnyDesk Version 6 is Here – All the New Features at a Glance

It’s now official. Shortly after hitting the milestone of 200 million downloads, we’ve hit another huge one: The release of AnyDesk Version 6!

At AnyDesk, we’ve always listened to our users’ feedback from the very beginning. With the release of this new version, once again we’d like to show you that we’ve listened. Not only have we added some exciting new elements to existing features, there are also several new features we’d like to proudly present to you today.

More Administration Features

Using Unattended Access enables you to connect to your device from anywhere. But what if it’s in sleep mode? Thanks to our new Wake-On-LAN feature, you can now wake up machines in sleep mode by the help of other machines in the same network that are currently not asleep.

Attention IT folks. Group Policies are now supported with Version 6. Whether you’re setting up new users within a network or you want to manage their settings from a central spot, we’ve got you covered.

The more AnyDesk contacts you have, the harder it gets to keep them organized. If you have a Professional or Power license, you already know about our AnyDesk Address Book. But of course, we also want you to be organized while you’re on the go. That’s why the AnyDesk Address Book is now available for Android devices!

More Security Features

The new support for Group Policies also means that you can now set up Multiple Passwords for Unattended Access. Each password can be tied to a different set of permissions.

Speaking of passwords, if you want an additional layer of security for Unattended Access, try setting up Two-Factor Authentication. With a compatible authentication app you’ll get randomized time-based one-time passwords to be submitted in addition to the password.

More Teamwork Features

Even with all these new features, we want to keep AnyDesk light and sleek in design. We want all the necessary features to be visible and easily accessible to you.

Now, you can start and stop a session recording during a session. You’ll find the button in the address bar, right next to the many other features utilized for successful teamwork, such as the Whiteboard and Chat.

Keep an eye on this blog – in the following days and weeks we’ll tell your more about our new features and how you can use and implement them for a more immersive and convenient experience with AnyDesk.

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