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Are You Considering Working From Home? AnyDesk Can Help!

Working at an office isn’t always the optimal solution. Sometimes you feel a bit under the weather, you have to focus on a project and need a quiet work environment, or then there’s a spontaneous meeting that completely disrupts your workflow.

In some situations, it makes sense to work from home – whenever it benefits your productivity and well-being. Sometimes, we just want to retreat and work without any distractions. If you’re considering spending more time telecommuting and you have a job that allows for it, go for it!

But what if you have to work closely with your co-workers? You can’t just stay home all day and be disconnected, right?

Thanks to remote desktop software like AnyDesk, there is a solution.

Here’s how reliable remote desktop software can transform your home office.

Benefits include more flexibility…

You decide when and where you work. Maybe you have to schedule your day around your children, or you have to take care of a special needs relative. Maybe you just want the possibility to take a nap whenever you want. With AnyDesk, you have access to your work desktop at any time.

… more productivity…

Without the commotion of an open space office and the distractions that come with it, you are more likely to be productive. Studies show that people who telecommute get more work done, because there are no interruptions. With AnyDesk, there’s also the factor of simplicity: Your home office is quickly set up and has a stable connection to the remote desktop at the office. The technical side of telecommuting isn’t an issue and you can start working in no time, as if you sat in front of your PC at work. Features like Remote Printing make the experience even more immersive, since you can send print jobs to your local printer without any additional steps. The functionality of your workplace is the same – the only difference is that there’s no physical contact with your co-workers.

… and a reduction of stress.

You can take breaks when you need them, work when you’re most productive and feel more in control. There are no more stressful commutes to the office, no more getting stuck in traffic.

Remote desktop software allows us to work together more productively even if we’re miles apart. The way we can share data, work on documents together and offer remote support at any time is like digitally walking by our co-worker’s cubicle. And instead of looking over their shoulder and pointing at their screen, you can use the Whiteboard feature to directly draw on their screen. Thanks to remote desktop software, we aren’t any less connected than if we were in the same room.

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