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Discover the Free Version of AnyDesk

Did you know that you can download AnyDesk for free?

A while ago we told you about the various AnyDesk Remote Desktop licenses you can buy. While those licenses are perfect for using AnyDesk in a professional environment, the free version also offers a range of features for personal use. Today we’d like to show you some of those tools and how you can use the free version to your advantage.

Offer Help

Remote Support is probably the most important use case for any Remote Desktop Software. However, it’s not only companies who can benefit from the possibility of accessing remote devices.

If, for example, you live far away from your family and your mother has a problem with her computer, it can be inconvenient to help via telephone. Instead, your family can download AnyDesk for free and you can connect to their computer. AnyDesk is ideal for less tech-savvy family members. Downloading the small 3MB file is enough, you don’t even have to install it. If your family works with a Mac while you are on Windows, AnyDesk is ideally suitable. The software works cross-platform.

Stay in Contact

You probably already have an idea of just how helpful Remote Desktop Software is for staying in contact with others. Connecting to a device also means connecting with people. It doesn’t have to stop at Remote Support.

Imagine you’re on a vacation and you want to show high-resolution videos from your vacation spot to your friends. Of course, you could elaborately upload hundreds of MB worth of videos and send them to your friends. Or they could download AnyDesk for free and view them directly on your screen. The poor internet connection in your hotel room is enough. Videos will run smoothly thanks to the innovative DeskRT video codec, even in areas with low bandwidths.

Your flight home is delayed? Allow your friends to control your mouse and your keyboard. Now think of games from your childhood that you used to play using only a pen and some paper, tic-tac-toe for example. Thanks to AnyDesk, you can now play these games with your friends over a long distance and enjoy a nice pastime with retro-charm.

Learn together

When done for personal use, you can simply download the free version of AnyDesk and collaborate on personal projects with your friends, like coding programs together.

Are you planning a vacation with your friends and want to learn a new language to try out at your destination? Learning vocabulary is more fun together. Let all your friends connect to one device and use the same language-learning app. Learning together increases excitement for your journey and you can boast your new language skills.

With AnyDesk you don’t have to download an additional and expensive collaboration tool. Instead, you can collaborate in real time, even if you’re in different parts of the world and communicate with simple tools like the On-Screen Whiteboard and the Text Chat.

Stay flexible

AnyDesk isn’t only a helpful tool when it comes to teamwork, but for staying organized yourself. You probably use your Windows computer just as often as your Android smartphone, but you have different programs and files on each device. Maybe you also use macOS or iOS since each operating system has its merits. It seems impossible to keep an overview. Thankfully, you can download AnyDesk for free on every device. That way you don’t have to copy and paste your files from one device to the other; you can simply access them cross-platform and save data volume. This is also useful if you want to manage your smart home with Linux and access it on the go with your Android smartphone. These are only a few use cases for the free AnyDesk version. Download AnyDesk for free anytime and find out what possibilities you have. Because in the end, AnyDesk is what you make of it!

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