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Employee Spotlight: Ivana Nikolic, Assistant and Generalist

It’s time for another look behind the scenes at AnyDesk! Since you’ve met Maria, our graphic designer, and Goran, one of our IT managers, today we would like to introduce you to Ivana. Ivana has been working for AnyDesk as an assistant since March 2019, and she is truly a multitalented member of the team! Ivana works closely with the management team and is part of the HR department and administration. We were curious to find out what Ivana’s daily work routine looks like and what it’s like to work as a generalist at AnyDesk.

AnyDesk: Ivana, you’ve been working for AnyDesk for almost two years. That makes you one of the “old hands” here. You were employee number 31, and we have almost 100 employees now. What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed during your time at AnyDesk?

Ivana: The rapidly growing number of employees. By being part of the HR department, I am heavily involved in the hiring process. I am the first person from AnyDesk to be in contact with applicants. I organize and send out invitations for interviews. I manage applicants throughout the application process. If an applicant becomes an employee, my work is not done. Even after the employee has arrived in their new work environment, I continue to take care of issues that affect the HR department. And even though so many new employees have joined during my time at AnyDesk, I can still remember all their names!

AnyDesk: Wow, you must have a great memory!

Ivana: Luckily, it hasn’t let me down so far! The biggest change I’ve noticed is myself. Since I started working at AnyDesk, I’ve grown a lot. I’ve become much more independent and mature, and the professional environment is good for me. At the same time, we have a lot of fun at work, which is good for my inner child. This combination of professionalism and fun has helped me grow as a person. I enjoy working life and that’s why it’s not hard for me to work hard and be dedicated.

AnyDesk: That sounds exciting! You have a very motivating nature that can be infectious to co-workers. Can you tell us a little bit about what your day-to-day work is like?

Ivana: Since I’m not just in one department, the list of my tasks would probably go beyond the scope of this interview. But I can say this much: My to-do list is always long and chaotic, but despite that, my workday is surprisingly organized. Every day is different and I’m always doing different things, so it’s never boring or monotonous. And I almost always deal with people. That’s why the first thing I do in the office is say hello to everyone. Preferably with a cup of coffee in my hand.

AnyDesk: With so many tasks, coffee is indispensable. What do you like most about working at AnyDesk?

Ivana: The deadlines. Working with a fixed goal in mind gives me the strength to push myself. When I finish my work at the end of the day and know that I did my job well, I feel fulfilled. That feeling drives me. Also, I feel very comfortable at AnyDesk because I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. I can express my opinions and feelings openly. And I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many different people. I’m from Croatia and I love learning about new cultures and their customs. The diversity at AnyDesk shows me how big the world really is.

AnyDesk: Is that why you applied to AnyDesk? Because the company is so international and diverse?

Ivana: That’s one of the reasons, yes. Before I started working at AnyDesk, I worked in sales and catering while studying business administration. I wanted to get a foothold in this field, and when a friend told me AnyDesk was looking for people, I applied. Luckily, I got the job! I was excited to join a start-up. Here I can help shape the future of the company, and at the same time, I have many personal and professional opportunities. I was also curious about the future. I like to imagine what the journey might look like. Working at a start-up is extremely exciting.

AnyDesk: The ongoing pandemic has presented quite a few challenges to overcome. How have processes in HR changed, such as the application process?

Ivana: Actually, our processes have hardly changed. Even before the pandemic, we were interviewing people from all over the world and hiring remote employees. But with the growing demand for remote software around the world, we’ve obviously needed a lot more people to meet that demand. The great thing is that people recognize the quality of our product and therefore have a strong interest in working at AnyDesk. That’s extraordinary.

AnyDesk: Even though your processes haven’t changed much, what’s it like to work in a department based on communication and social interaction while avoiding unnecessary contact? That sounds like a contradiction.

Ivana: Technology helps us move human interaction to a digital environment. Tools and software make that possible for us. But not everything can be done remotely. When we hire new employees, they come to the office on their first day to get their technical equipment and an introduction. The very first thing we do is give them a tour of our office, which is of course sparsely staffed at the moment. All employees have the option of working in the office or from home, in accordance with coronavirus regulations. Most opt for a mixture. Thanks to our software, this is possible without any problems.

AnyDesk: Is there anything you would like to add?

Ivana: This may sound like I’m at the Oscars, but I’m going to say it anyway, even though there’s no red carpet: I want to thank all of our users for motivating us to get better and better every day. Also, I want to say a big thank you to my family (hi mom and dad) and my colleagues. You guys are a great motivation for me.

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