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Employee Spotlight: Maria Franchi, Graphic Designer

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes at AnyDesk? We take you to our offices in Stuttgart, Berlin and the USA! You’ll get the chance to get to know us better, and to find out more about the people behind AnyDesk. First, we’d like to introduce you to Maria, our graphic designer, who moved for AnyDesk (and maybe for love) from Berlin to Stuttgart.

In August of 2020, Maria started working as a graphic designer within AnyDesk’s marketing department. We interviewed her to learn more about her experience and first impressions. Maria moved from Berlin to Stuttgart only one week before her first workday. Other than starting a new job and becoming familiar with a new city, Maria had to face those changes in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I was curious why she decided to take this step during such an uncertain time.

AnyDesk: Why did you choose to start working at AnyDesk during a pandemic, when moving and getting settled in a new city is difficult?

Maria: One of the primary reasons I looked into moving to Stuttgart was my boyfriend. We wanted to move in together and I knew I needed to find employment closer to the city. At the same time, I needed a professional change. In Berlin, I used to work as a marketing manager, and that wasn’t my passion. I studied web design, and I wanted to focus more on the creative side of marketing by pursuing graphic design. I have experience in the software industry, and immediately felt that AnyDesk was the best choice for me. Here I have the opportunity to grow personally and improve my skills. That’s exactly what I wanted in a career change.

AnyDesk: With an ongoing global pandemic like COVID-19, starting something new must have been even more challenging. Was it hard to get settled in a new town and start a new job while the pandemic is forcing us to all practice social distancing?

Maria: Well, of course everything was new for me. My whole life felt new to me. It’s not easy to live in another city and to get used to the new living situation. I was lucky because I already had social contacts in Stuttgart, since my brother used to live here for 12 years. I was happy to come back. Plus, AnyDesk helped me a lot with my transition, too! Everyone is so nice, and the company welcomes every new employee like a new family member. That makes me feel very comfortable.

AnyDesk: What else do you like about working at AnyDesk? Especially when you think of your professional career?

Maria: Because it’s a software company, I can learn more about web design and additionally more about technology. I am glad that my job has different areas of focus. Variety helps feed my creativity, and so does the freedom to decide my working environment. Another thing I really love about working at AnyDesk is the multiculturism. Most of the time I speak English, but I can also use my mother tongue, Spanish, and other languages like Portuguese and Italian. I love getting to know different cultures and working with people from all over the world. It’s an opportunity to learn new languages and improve my German.

AnyDesk: I can imagine it’s challenging when the majority of employees work from home most of the time. How do you and your colleagues socially interact and co-work on designs without meeting in person?

Maria: I have to admit, it’s way easier than I expected. It’s the first time I used a remote tool to this extent. My working PC is in the office, and I can connect remotely via AnyDesk to work on my projects with it. As a graphic designer, I need a high-end setup for the software I use to create my graphics. Even though the hardware is in the office, I can use everything as if it were right next to me. This is really convenient. Collaborating with other team members remotely can be tough. Fortunately, we have solutions for everything, and can provide some of the needed services ourselves. Even presenting my newest drafts can be done by giving my team remote access to my PC.

AnyDesk: Is there anything you want to add talking about your first working weeks at AnyDesk?

Maria: I’m very excited to be part of it and I can’t wait to pitch my designing ideas!

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