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How AnyDesk can support teachers and students during the crisis

World Teacher’s Day, initiated by UNESCO

On the 5th of October, we celebrate World Teacher’s Day – a day on which teachers all over the world are recognized for their commitment. According to UNESCO, the goal is to draw attention to the responsibilities teachers face and to increase the reputation of teachers worldwide. Every year the World Teacher’s Day has a specific motto. This year’s guiding principle is “teachers: leading in crisis, reimagining the future” and it relates to the current struggles and challenges teachers are managing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Until now there has been no standard procedure for mass shutdowns. Depending on the local government, classes are a mixture of face-to-face learning, as well as learning and teaching from a distance in order to protect teachers and students. This is a logistical and technical challenge for everyone involved.

How can knowledge be conveyed digitally? How can the learning process take place online? How can we ensure that all students have the digital set up needed? These are only a few of the questions that must be answered. And while some restrictions have begun lifting, the core challenges for digital education remain. AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software offers many features that can help to make digital education easier and more efficient.

How AnyDesk can help educational institutions with distance learning

The On-Screen-Whiteboard and the Remote-Desktop

Writing on the board forms the core of classes, whether it’s math, English or German. This can be transferred easily to the digital environment with AnyDesk. The students can connect to the teacher’s computer who can show a presentation there. With the provided On-Screen-Whiteboard the students can make notes in real time. The advantage: Each student can take screenshots and concentrate fully on the lesson. Once the students are connected to the desktop, the teacher can use multimedia content to support the lesson, such as pictures, documents, and even videos that run without interruption even at low bandwidths. Once worksheets have been completed, individual feedback can be provided.

File Transfer and Remote Printing

With the File Transfer provided by AnyDesk, files can easily be shared with other computers – independent of document size. Additional platforms or storage devices are not needed. That way, teachers can easily send their students exercises and solutions. If necessary, the students can print out the documents directly at home without prior file transfer using AnyDesk’s Remote Printing. The same applies to the teacher who needs documents from their school’s PC. The teacher can easily connect to their school PC and send the required document to their local printer at home. Imagine never having to worry about which file you need at home because you have access to it anytime.

Virtual workplaces

Not every student has a powerful computer or a good internet connection at home. This can limit the learning experience significantly. With AnyDesk, this is no longer a problem. Students can connect to a more powerful PC remotely via AnyDesk and use it as if it was right in front of them. With AnyDesk, the school can provide the configuration that is needed for optimal learning to their students. The good thing: Even if the internet connection is bad, the AnyDesk Remote Access Software offers low latency and reliable connections thanks to its innovative technology. With AnyDesk virtual workplaces, the school ensures no student is disadvantaged because of their technical equipment and every student can use the software and devices needed.

Studying together online

It’s difficult to study together when everyone is in a different place and when it’s not possible to meet up in person. Learning in groups seems unfeasible – but not with AnyDesk. The same way students connect to their teacher’s PC, they can connect to each other’s PCs, too. Preparing a presentation? Working on tasks? Giving support on using a software? All this is possible with AnyDesk.

Why AnyDesk is ideal for schools

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic showed that a future without Remote Desktop Software is unthinkable. Students are preparing today, for a future professional life that will require them to be familiar with all forms of technology. Because of its intuitive design, quick start up and boundless features AnyDesk is the ideal solution for all users, at any technical level. Despite the numerous possibilities AnyDesk provides to make distance learning easier and more efficient, it remains affordable for educational institutions. The professional license for commercial use with unlimited devices starts at 199,00 € per year. Contact our sales team if you have questions or if you need guidance.

We at AnyDesk wish to thank the dedicated educators across the world, now more than ever. We are proud to support your work in shaping the leaders of a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

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