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Reducing Your Environmental Footprint with AnyDesk

We keep telling you about the practical side of AnyDesk and remote access in general. It makes life more flexible and the world more accessible.

Today is Earth Day, so let’s take a look at another side of AnyDesk: It’s good for the environment!

Save energy

This one is easy: AnyDesk enables you to work remotely and still access your data at the office. Working remotely means not having to commute, which means less energy consumed.

It gets even better when your company provides remote support. You don’t have to drive all the way to your client’s premises. Instead, you can simply connect to their device remotely and solve the problem that way, while also cutting emissions and saving time for yourself.

Working from home means less electricity is needed to run the office. It seems like a small impact, but it’s significant. If an increasing amount of people decide to work from home, a smaller office space can be used, saving a lot of energy. If you use your laptop at home, it also means companies need to provide less office equipment. Not only does that save even more energy, it means less wear and tear. And that brings us to my next point…

Preserve resources

Let’s say you work from home part-time. Would you carry around all your important documents all the time? No, you would probably keep them in electronic form. That way you not only have them with you at all times, but you also produce less paper waste.

It doesn’t end there. How many times do you buy a disposable coffee cup when you’re on the go? How many times do you get fast food wrapped in plastic? By using AnyDesk, you can work from home, use your favorite coffee mug, and cook a nice healthy meal instead. That’s all better for you and the environment.

Notice how all of these changes mean you’ll save a lot of time, which you can use to educate yourself on how best to help the environment and maybe even become active yourself. Or you can lean back and enjoy the fact that you’re reducing your carbon footprint a little bit at a time.

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