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Set Up Your AnyDesk License Now

Are you looking for a professional remote desktop solution? You want to get started quickly, without having to wait for instructions or complicated set-ups? Choose AnyDesk. Your license is quickly implemented, so that you can start working right away and it gives you all the features you really need. It only takes 5 steps!

1. Find out what license you need

Most importantly, you can tailor your license to your specific needs and you avoid digging through pages of information. Instead, use our configurator and find the perfect license for you by answering a couple of simple questions.

2. Fill out the form

Found your license? Click order now and fill in your information.

3. Receive our e-mails

You will almost immediately receive 2 e-mails, so make sure to check your e-mails and spam folder.

With the first mail, you’ll get your customer and your contract number.

In the second mail, we’ll send you your login data: Your username and password for

You will also receive a link to our Quick Start Guide, where you not only find instructions on how to set up your license, but additional info about your first steps with AnyDesk, or advanced options.

4. Apply the license key

You can now log into, where you’ll find your license key. For Windows, open AnyDesk, find the option Change License Key in the menu and enter it there. For all other platforms, open About AnyDesk and find there Enter License Key.

5. Start working

Congratulations, your license is now set up and you can start working right away! Enjoy our range of ideal features for your specific needs. As you see, setting up your license couldn’t be easier. No waiting time, no confusion. Your ideal remote desktop solution is just a few steps away.

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