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Some Thoughts on Rural Living

We’re constantly telling you how AnyDesk gives you the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. And it’s a fun thought, but even though our guide on where to work is intentionally not too serious, let’s be serious for a second.

Did you know that a recent study by Citrix Systems among 5,000 US-based knowledge workers showed that 85% believed they could do their job from any location? 70% would even consider relocating to rural areas as long as their professional lives wouldn’t suffer. The ability to move and keep the same job potentially offers more flexibility and a healthier work-life balance. Also, the costs of living in a city are quite high, especially rent, so workers welcome the idea of moving to a more affordable area while maintaining the same income.

Sure, most people in the Citrix Systems study still prefer living in a city. They say big cities have a positive effect on their career because that’s where the employers and job opportunities are. It’s called agglomeration economies: Companies and a certain type of trained worker are concentrated in certain areas and establish networks because a good supply of workers and a specific infrastructure forms in that area. Companies benefit from being located near each other, and this isn’t going to change.

In fact, millennials are actually a lot happier in urban areas than in smaller towns, contrary to older generations. That’s not just for the economic benefits, but also the social aspect, especially the ability to connect to people more easily and enjoy a diversity of opportunities.

In other words, this trend won’t signal a massive move away from urban lifestyles anytime soon. But the Citrix Systems study does show attitudes are changing. Does the line between rural and urban have to be so clear in the future? What if there’s a shortage of talent in the city – couldn’t the search be broadened to rural areas?

At the end of the day, cities will get larger and give rise to inconveniences like higher living costs and stressful commutes. In the past, there was no opportunity to be flexible. Now there is. Thanks to remote access software like AnyDesk, the possibility to go rural is there.

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