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Teamwork Features of AnyDesk Version 6

We’ve arrived at part three of our series on the features of AnyDesk Version 6. Let’s take a look at what AnyDesk is capable of in terms of teamwork.

Adding new features and improving existing ones sometimes demands changes to the overall design of AnyDesk. But have no fear – we made sure you can collaborate with your friends and co-workers or give tutorials without having to sacrifice clarity, no matter how many improvements we add to AnyDesk.

Let’s start by opening AnyDesk and sending a session request to your co-worker, with whom you are working with on a group project. Say you want to work on a document together and regularly meet up via AnyDesk to discuss the process. There are several open questions that you want to clear up, so as soon as the connection is established, you get to work.

As you are working, you probably realize that all the tools needed for communicating with your co-worker can be found in the same bar. That way you can easily clear up questions via Text Chat, instruct your friend by drawing on the screen using the Whiteboard, take a screenshot, transfer files or change the permissions. All the settings are easily within reach.

If you want to review certain parts of your collaboration later, you can now start the Session Recording during a session. So, if a crucial part comes up that you have to be extra attentive for, click record. All wrapped up and you don’t need to keep recording? End the recording to save only that important part. It only takes one click.

Whenever you start a new recording, each file will be saved separately. When re-watching the recordings, you’ll be able to fast forward and rewind. This way, you can focus on what’s relevant for you. Not only does AnyDesk Version 6 have a lot to offer for administrators, we also focused on security and easy collaboration. Need an overview over the latest changes? Check out our article about all of the new features and improvements.

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