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The Security Features of AnyDesk Version 6

In our series about the new features of Version 6 we already presented to you the administration features, making life easier for a network administrator. Today, we would like to show you how some of our new features work together in order to give you the safest experience possible.

Two-Factor Authentication

You may already be familiar with the Unattended Access feature in AnyDesk. It allows you to access a device that isn’t within your reach, so that you don’t have to accept the session manually. Instead, you can gain access by a previously set password for the device.

If you would like more protection than only a password, you can now use a new additional barrier, in the form of two-factor authentication. Simply enable two-factor authentication in the settings and scan the QR-code with an authenticator app that is TOTP compatible. Now your phone will generate a random six-digit code needed to start a session in addition to the password. You will manually type in the randomly generated code, and can be confident that only you have access to it.

Multiple Passwords for Unattended Access

Speaking of Unattended Access, it’s important for IT Admins to be able to manage groups of users from one centralized standpoint. Until recently, you could only set a single password for Unattended Access. But what if you would like a different set of permissions for each group? Windows Group Policies now enables you to set up multiple passwords for Unattended Access, granting a different set of permissions to each group. Maintenance and setups are now simpler and more organized.

With the two important topics of administration and security covered, we can now get to work! Keep an eye on this blog for future articles about other features that can be found in AnyDesk.

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