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What AnyDesk Features Do You Need in Your Home Office?

AnyDesk’s remote access solution offers a fast connection and a high level of security, all at a very affordable price. So far, so good. But what does work from home with AnyDesk look like?

The short answer is: It looks just like sitting in front of your PC at the office.

What does that mean? All the tools on your office computer are with you at all times and they work just as they would if you were sitting in front of work PC, just as fast and with almost zero latency on your local device, even at low bandwidths.

Unattended Access

Setting a password and being able to access your work PC without being present at the office is probably the most important feature for remote work. You can start a remote session from home by allowing unattended access. Just be sure to check the box “login automatically from now on” to connect even more quickly.

Privacy Mode

Now you can see the screen of your PC at work, but so can everyone else. Do you dislike the idea of co-workers walking by your cubicle and seeing what you’re working on without you knowing? Turn the remote screen black! Just enable Privacy Mode in the security settings.

Remote Printing

Finally you can start working! Go to full screen mode for the full immersive experience and it’ll be like you took your office PC home with you. If you need to print a document, you don’t even have to go through the trouble of transferring the file to your local device. Simply choose the AnyDesk printer and the print job will be sent to your local PC. Now you just have to select your local printer and you’re done! Not only that, but subsequent print jobs can also be automatically sent to your local printer.

File Transfer

Of course, you also get a clipboard with AnyDesk, meaning you can use the familiar CTRL+C and CTRL+V to easily exchange text, screenshots, and more between your remote and your local devices. Or use File Manager for easy management of your files locally. Furthermore, administrators can block this feature if it seems necessary to protect sensitive data.


Now that you’re working from home, your co-workers can’t just come by and ask you to solve a problem on their computer. But AnyDesk offers a range of features that make teamwork just as easy! Instead of pointing at their screen, you can use the Whiteboard to draw simple instructions and the chat feature allows you to easily communicate. On top of that, Session Recording allows you to record the interaction for future reference.

And you don’t have to cancel meetings either! How about simply inviting your co-workers to your screen and letting them view your presentation?


Leaving the office network begs the question: Is my data still secure?

You can be calm: AnyDesk uses the best possible encryption, making it as safe as online banking. The many security settings allow you to exclude other devices from finding you or sending session requests, and your password for Unattended Access is hashed. As you see, nothing has to change when working from home. Whatever the setup of your office computer may be – you can take it with you with AnyDesk. It’s simply the easiest way to set up your home office.

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