Prescreen uses AnyDesk

Prescreen is one of the leading providers of cloud-based applicant management software. Companies can use it to create job descriptions, link them to their own websites, manage candidates and map their entire recruiting process. The system's main appeal is its capability of simply and quickly being integrated into existing processes.

Prescreen has seen strong growth for the past two years. The drastic increase in new customers led to increased support requirements, which caused the need for a remote desktop application to support the growing sales and support structures. Uninterrupted video transfer is essential for the quality of the company's services and product presentations.


AnyDesk is the only remote desktop application that meets all of Prescreen's needs, including in practical applications.

"The most important thing in the selection process, besides easy usability, was a smooth and reliable video transfer. Nothing is more frustrating for potential customers than a frozen or laggy screen during a product presentation", said Dominik Hackl, one of the founders of Prescreen.

AnyDesk is the only remote desktop application that meets all of Prescreen's needs, including in practical applications. Establishing a connection with Prescreen presentation partners has never been quicker. After just a month of use, efficiency in the support and sales process has been greatly increased, and so has customer satisfaction. Customers were particularly impressed with the quick connection and how much it speeds up work. "We practically never have to cancel a meeting due to connection problems or other technical reasons anymore", said Mr Hackl, Vice President of Engineering at Prescreen. "Thanks to the API integration, Prescreen customers can connect with our support department at the touch of a button and resolve their questions or problems with the help of our support staff. This has the pleasant side-effect that our IT department can also use AnyDesk for internal administrative purposes."

Prescreen has been using AnyDesk since 2015 and uses the system both for internal and external purposes. Dominik Hackl explained the decision to use AnyDesk: "After doing a lot of research, we couldn't find any other tool besides AnyDesk that met our requirements and also had a transparent pricing model that was scalable to suit our needs. It was especially important to us to purchase a sustainable product, so we always have access to the newest version while it remains backward-compatible with older versions."