Fast and Secure Remote Desktop File Transfer with AnyDesk
Effortless file and folder sharing

Secure remote desktop file transfer from AnyDesk ensures effortless file and folder sharing between computers and servers.

Whether for single documents or multiple folders , AnyDesk provides lightning fast transfer times that allow both IT professionals and standard users to easily access files from any location and from a variety of operating systems.

It’s fast, secure, and easy to operate even for inexperienced users.

Intuitive copy and paste functionality

Through intuitive copy and paste functionality, the AnyDesk app makes remote file transfer simple. Operational controls include hotkeys and context menus to ensure compatibility across operating systems and increased convenience for all types of users.

Additionally, initiating the file transfer only takes a few clicks within the Session Window, and reliable transfer of all file types across a variety of platforms is assured with the AnyDesk app.

Fast and efficient

AnyDesk’s copy and paste remote desktop file transfer is the fastest and most efficient way to share files across computers and servers in any location. Ideal for anyone who requires access to files and folders on servers or remote desktops either in or outside of the office, the AnyDesk app is versatile enough to be used for a broad range of applications.

Whether sharing documents with colleagues or clients, or managing folders across IT teams, AnyDesk provides the functionality and accessibility for users of any type.

Comprehensive Remote File Management — AnyDesk File Manager for Windows and OSX

For Windows and OSX users who require more advanced file sharing features, the AnyDesk remote file manager provides comprehensive administration and management options. With upload and download buttons, alongside control options for the current device and remote devices, remote file sharing and management is simple and intuitive. However, for increased control over files and folders, powerful directory management features allow IT professionals to organize and maintain all types of data across computers and servers in any location.

The remote file manager runs separately in its own tab, providing convenient control of files and folders without the need for an AnyDesk session to be running. Additionally, File Manager can be run either at a session request or at any point during a session, providing flexibility for IT professionals who require versatility and responsive control of remote files.

To ensure further control for administrators and IT professionals, file sharing can be disabled within the security settings of the AnyDesk app. For incoming sessions, remote file transfer can be disabled temporarily for each session request by adjusting permissions within the session accept window—ensuring comprehensive control for IT administrators. For outgoing sessions, the AnyDesk main menu allows you to set permanent permissions for individual computers and servers, providing controls specific to any machine in any location.

Intuitive Operation
Comprehensive File Management
Security as Standard

Copy from a remote desktop and paste directly to another location. It’s lightning fast and highly intuitive, ensuring both standard users and IT professionals can quickly and securely transfer files and folders of all types.

The file management tab runs parallel or independently of an AnyDesk session to provide comprehensive control and advanced remote file sharing for IT professionals. File Manager can be run at session request or at any time during a session.

Remote file sharing and transfer with the AnyDesk app is always secure, ensuring your data is safe when sharing files across remote desktops. Additionally, reliable and uncorrupted transfers come as standard with the AnyDesk app.