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Remote Support

For large companies and startups alike, powerful remote assistance software allows you to provide exceptional customer service and fast problem-solving solutions from any location.

Particularly for software vendors or app developers, remote support and monitoring ensures you can easily solve complex customer and client issues from your central office.

Alternatively, connecting clients and customers to support teams across the globe is quick and simple, ensuring you can always provide access to people with the right knowledge and expertise.




AnyDesk’s remote support software also allows seamless cross-compatibility between machines on a variety of operating systems. Including support for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi, and Chrome OS, you can connect easily with users on a broad range of platforms.

Additionally, whatever the size of your team or the scope of the software deployment you need to operate, our flexible licenses ensure you have everything you need to work efficiently today, and options to expand and evolve as your company grows in the future.

All our updates are free, and all versions of AnyDesk are fully cross-compatible with each other to ensure that you are never locked out if machines are updated at different times.

Seamless and Secure Remote Desktop Support with AnyDesk

When it comes to remote computer monitoring and support, fast and lag-free connections help you to get the job done quicker. AnyDesk’s innovative, cutting-edge software helps you to achieve seamless connections with anyone, anywhere in the world. At the heart of the AnyDesk app, the DeskRT codec guarantees high frame-rates, incredibly low latency, and efficient bandwidth usage at all times, allowing you to transfer image data between computers in a way no competing product can. Additionally, fluent on-screen navigation and smooth operation even across poor connections provides unbeatable user experience for both sides of your remote PC support connection.

For companies wishing to provide remote monitoring and support to customers and clients, high-level security is important for both you and the end user. AnyDesk’s remote support software brings comprehensive security to your connections through RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption that verifies all connections. Additionally, we employ banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology to protect your computer from unauthorized access—ensuring both you and your clients can rest assured that data, documents, and sensitive information is safe at all times during remote computer support sessions. Security is critical to offering top-level service, and AnyDesk gives you the tools you need to stay safe.

Designed for Remote

Desktop Support

Our suite of remote support tools is built to help you provide clients, customers, and colleagues with smooth and efficient support between computers in any location. It’s fast, lag-free, and always secure.

Fast Download

Our app is super-fast to download and simple to install — meaning you can set up remote computer tech support teams quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the lightweight design of the AnyDesk app means you won’t need huge amounts of storage space to run it.

Automated Roll Out

Connecting with computers in other locations to offer remote assistance is easy with AnyDesk. Use an MSI package to automatically roll out AnyDesk on multiple computers or configure AnyDesk from remote locations.